Thursday, 27 November 2014

Nidish and Indu, trained in Kalakshetra have arrived!

Dancing duos are pretty much welcome. One, the stage is filled with the presence of two. Variety provides an interesting visual. And when it is a husband and wife team, the harmony is very attractive indeed.

Nidish and Indu, trained in Kalakshetra have arrived! They are perfect as a pair of dancers and bring delight to the stage in their well coordinated dance performance.

Dancing for an hour in a festival they themselves organised, this couple were a delight to watch. Perfect technique, good understanding, delicate movements, firm footwork and visible involvement made their show a fine performance of well regulated Kalakshetra style. That does not imply that they had no original moves. They did, and that is what made the performance enjoyable.

The invocation Alarippu set the pace. Papanasam Sivan's Varnam in Sriranjini was uncluttered in presentation. The Nrtta was precise and elegant. The alternate moves by the two dancers worked well. Addressing Muruga, they were both emissaries of the Nayika. In a controlled manner, they took turns to entreat the Lord to come to his beloved. What I like is that they did not stray from the main thrust of the lyrics and indulge in narratives.

A Padam of Sarangapani by Nidish was rather light in treatment. But it seemed to fit the idea of a playful Krishna....after all Krishna did play with the Gopis. Parulanamata by Indu was subdued. The two came together for the Thillana which was quite brilliant in movement, footwork and attractive pauses. Nidish and Indu are certainly worth watching. They have a sense of the beauty of movement and show their skills in a natural spontaneous manner.

Both were in subtle white and gold costumes. Well, with our stages and lighting, this is not the best option. A touch of colour could have been added even after the Varnam to provide a change. I know that Indu's mother makes up her costumes. Well, she would agree with me!

They had a good orchestra with Balakrishnan singing with depth and also handling the Nattuvangam. He is an asset to a dance performance indeed. Vijayaraghavan did a skillful accompaniment on the mridangam with Rijesh Gopalakirishnan providing good support on the violin.

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